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ISI Professor Gogolin Writes Book, `Digital Forensics Explained'

Produced by Auerbach Publications, the textbook focuses on the growth of computer forensics and how, as a result, people entering the industry, today and in the future, will have greater opportunities for upward mobility. Additionally, the book presents an in-depth description of forensics from an insider’s perspective. “Digital Forensics Explained” also draws upon the expertise of pros speaking about their areas of expertise.

The book includes coverage of:

  • Internet and email investigations
  • Mobile forensics for cell phones, iPads, music players and other small devices
  • Cloud computing from an architecture perspective and its impact on digital forensics
  • Anti-forensic techniques that may be employed to make a forensic exam more difficult to conduct
  • Recoverability of information from damaged media
  • The progression of a criminal case from start to finish
  • Tools that are often used in an examination, including commercial, free and open-source tools; computer and mobile tools; and things as simple as extension cords
  • Social media and social engineering forensics
  • Case documentation and presentation, including sample summary reports and a cover sheet for a cell phone investigation

Gogolin, a 2013 Fulbright Scholar (Universidad de Chile), noted that the book was “cited several times in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Riley v. California.” He added, “The U.S. Supreme Court justices unanimously held that the search of the contents of a cell phone during an arrest, without a warrant, is unconstitutional.” More information about the case can be found

Gogolin noted significant contributions to the 2012 book from three Ferris colleagues: Jerry Emerick, a College of Business faculty member; Jason Otting, an adjunct faculty member; and Velislav Pavlov, technology services coordinator for Extended and International Operations.

The 2010-11 recipient of Ferris’ Distinguished Teacher Award, Gogolin is also a consultant in database, educational technology and homeland security.