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Delta Zeta Hosting `I Have a Choice' Week for Alcohol Abuse

I Have a ChoiceFerris State University’s Delta Zeta Sorority is sponsoring “I Have a Choice” week on campus. The weeklong event began on Monday, Oct. 20 and runs through Friday, Oct. 24.

The goal of “I Have a Choice” is to educate college students about the dangers of alcohol abuse, serve as inspiration for students to examine their lifestyles and provide motivation for people to make informed decisions regarding the use of alcohol and other substances. Kristy Kirk, Delta Zeta’s vice president for programming, noted that the chapter has committed itself to promoting the cause so that students will feel more comfortable and confident in decision making and in recognizing and avoiding peer pressure.

On Wednesday, Oct. 22, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Delta Zeta will hand out candy and information pluggers in the lobby of FLITE.

The pluggers will come with a piece of yarn. On Thursday, Oct. 23, recipients will be asked participate in the Vow of Silence by wearing the yarn on one of their wrists.

Delta Zeta and collaborating organizations will wear black and talk only when necessary in order to understand how life might be different if they were killed in an alcohol-related incident. Organization members will be changing their profile photos to the “I Have a Choice” week logo and will be posting different facts each day via our social media platforms.