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Optometry Professor Appointed to the Austin Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology Review Board

Dr. Sarah HinkleyDr. Sarah Hinkley, associate professor and chief of Vision Rehabilitation Services in Ferris State University’s Michigan College of Optometry, was appointed to the review board of the Austin Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology.

Hinkley was selected last fall based on her service to other national and international peer-reviewed journals, such as, Optometry and Visual Development and Optometry and Visual Performance. She was recently promoted to associate editor of Optometry and Visual Performance. Her duties, as a review board member, are to edit and review articles that are assigned to her, and to make recommendations as to whether manuscripts should be accepted without edits, recommended for acceptance with edits or declined.

“This benefits MCO, Ferris and the optometry profession,” said Hinkley. “It is unusual to have optometrists on ophthalmology journal review boards, but as our professions move toward an emphasis on interprofessional collaboration, it will become more and more important to have optometric representation on boards like this one.”

Hinkley is confident in her abilities as a review board member based on the experience she has gained as a reviewer with the Optometry and Visual Development and the Optometry and Visual Performance journal, for which she has worked since 2011 and has continued with them through many changes.

“I now understand the ins and outs of the peer review process and what it takes to write and edit a solid manuscript,” Hinkley said. “Serving as a review board member for both journals has encouraged me to submit my own research and articles for publications. I have become a better medical writer and learned the importance of establishing connections with other doctors across the country.”