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Dual Enrollment Opportunities Shorten Time-to-Degree Completion

Ferris State University Dual EnrollmentFerris State University has made shortening the time it takes for students to obtain a college degree a major point of emphasis.

As part of this effort, Ferris has placed an increased emphasis on dual enrollment opportunities for high school students. Dual enrollment, housed under the Transfer Services Center in the Retention and Student Success unit, is an option that Ferris hopes families will strongly consider to help shorten the time it takes to graduate from college. Dual enrollment provides avenues for high school students to take college courses taught by adjunct or full-time faculty at one of Ferris’ locations, online or in a high-school setting.

Through this program, students benefit from opportunities to broaden their academic horizons by taking courses that are not available in their high schools. These courses, which can academically challenge the students, can also allow students to earn college credits that can give them a head start toward earning a degree more quickly. By earning these credits, while still in high school, students gain scheduling flexibility that can allow for the consideration of internships and study abroad opportunities.

In some cases, dual-enrollment students may be able to reduce the cost of a college education since tuition may be covered by their high school.

During the 2012-13 academic year, 165 students participated in dual enrollment classes. In the fall semester, 88 students were enrolled in one course while 34 students enrolled in two or more courses. In the spring, 117 students took one class, and 34 students took two or more classes. Of the 165 students enrolled, 110 were high school seniors. Twenty four students in that group of 110 enrolled at Ferris during the Fall 2013 semester.

In Fall 2013, Ferris welcomed 147 dual-enrolled students. Of that group, 29 were from Crossroads Charter Academy, 27 from Big Rapids High School, 25 from Morley Stanwood High School, 16 from Reed City High School, five from Chippewa Hills High School and two were from Evart High School. Additionally, the Kent Career Technical Center has a longstanding partnership with Ferris’ Hospitality Management program. As part of that relationship, 30 students are dual-enrolled in Fall 2013 in classes taught by Karyn Kiio, a Ferris faculty member.

Schools and career and technical education centers participating in the program are: Big Rapids, Black River High School, Cadillac High School, Chippewa Hills, Crossroads, Evart, Forest Hills Central High School, Kent Career and Technical Center, Morley Stanwood, Reed City and Tri County High School.