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Osprey Platform to be Relocated to a Nearby On-Campus Location

Ferris State UniversityIn preparation for the future expansion of the Swan Building, Ferris State University officials have made plans to relocate the Osprey Platform from its current location, south of the Swan Annex, to a new location, just north of Swan Building.

Physical Plant and Biology Professor Paul Klatt are working with contractors from Granger Construction to facilitate this month’s move. Michael Hughes, associate vice president for Physical Plant, noted that the contractors currently are preparing the new foundation. He added that once the concrete has reached the appropriate strength, the pole that holds the Osprey Platform will be moved, in one day, to the new location.

The plan is to have the crane on site Monday, Dec. 29, lower the pole in the morning, set it on a 70-foot semi-trailer that will be staged on the west side of Ives street and haul it to nearby Lot 13. The base plate, camera systems, light pole and mast head will be reused at the new location. Once the Osprey Platform is moved to the Lot 13 staging area, Klatt and technology staff will have opportunities to perform any necessary maintenance work on the camera and the platform.

The crane will then be relocated to Lot 13 and staged to pick up the pole to be placed on the new foundation later on Monday, Dec. 29, after the concrete has fully cured.

the Osprey Webcam

Since its introduction by the university’s Department of Biological Sciences, in 2008, the Osprey Webcam has become a popular learning tool both on and off campus, among teachers and members of the public, alike. Education programs around the world, from college biology to elementary science classrooms, access the Osprey Webcam to provide students a rare look at the migrant birds as they nest and hatch their young.

The platform is being moved in anticipation of future expansion of the Swan Annex to accommodate the growth of Ferris’ Welding Engineering Technology program.