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#FerrisSocial Conversation: Amanda Jewell

Amanda JewellAmanda Jewell is from Marion Springs. She graduated from Merrill High School in 2010. Jewell is now a senior majoring in Health Care Systems Administration and Pre-Diagnostic Medical Sonography at Ferris State University. She is involved in several organizations on campus. One of these is Student Government, where she serves on the executive board as the administrative assistant to the president.

Jewell was also the director for this year’s The BIG Event, which is the largest student run community service project in the state.

News Services: Why did you decide to attend Ferris?

Amanda Jewell: I came to Ferris because it felt welcoming and like home.

NS: What is your favorite thing about Ferris?

AJ: My favorite thing about the University would have to be the overall atmosphere and the friendliness of most students, faculty and staff.

NS: Why did you choose your academic major?

AJ: I chose my major because I love interacting with others and helping people. I knew both of these would happen daily within healthcare.

NS: What do you like most about your academic major?

AJ: I like that my major could make a difference in our society and possibly end up changing someone’s life in a positive manner.

NS: What is The BIG Event?

AJ: The mission statement of The BIG Event is, “Through service-oriented activities, The Big Event promotes campus and community unity as students come together for one day to express their gratitude for the support from the surrounding community.” In other words, The BIG Event is a day in which students volunteer to do simple projects or tasks to help out and give back to the residents of Big Rapids. This helps to bridge the gap between the community and students.

NS: How did you become involved in The BIG Event?

AJ: I joined Student Government last year to represent my Greek organization and, as a member, I helped execute the event. Following last year’s event, I decided to step into a leadership role.

NS: What are your other campus involvements?

AJ: I’m the Corresponding Secretary of Lambda Kappa Sigma. I also hold social chair and Greek Week chair positions for this organization. I attend the Strategic Planning and Resource Council meetings on behalf of Student Government. I also attend the Academic Advising Council meetings and I’m on the Outstanding Academic Advisor Committee for 2014.

NS: What would your dream job be?

AJ: My dream job would be working in exceptional hospital as a sonographer and/or a manager.

This question-and-answer interview was compiled by Amy Hughes, a News Services and Social Media student writer in University Advancement and Marketing.