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Ferris Ranked in Top 10 of Affordable Online Colleges in Michigan

Ferris State UniversityFerris State University’s commitment to affordable access to online education was again on display as it ranked eighth in the state for affordable online colleges based on a list published by Affordable Colleges Online.

In the rankings, AC Online noted that Ferris offers bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees, classes and certificates mostly or fully online. The website noted that Ferris’ programs offer convenience to people interested in continuing education, maintaining certification or attending classes. Donald Green, vice president for Extended and International Operations, was pleased with this latest noteworthy ranking for Ferris’ online programs. Meeting the demands of the growing number of people interested in online education, while maintaining a high-quality education, is a focus for the university, he said.

“At Ferris, we’re committed to growth in our online programs while at the same time continuing to provide exceptional student services,” Green said. “New degree programs are in development to provide more options for students. In addition, Ferris continues to explore new technologies which will enhance the students’ learning experiences.”

He further noted that Ferris is committed to offering a diverse range of online courses for students and families at a cost that is as affordable as possible.

“Students today have many areas competing for their time and attention, including work and family obligations,” Green said. “Those who are pursuing bachelor’s degrees or master’s degrees have recognized the value of the higher degree in the job market.”

Deborah Thalner, executive director of online learning, noted that Ferris provides online degree programs that allow students to transfer in portions of their degree requirements from prior college coursework to help reduce student debt.

“Ferris has developed degree programs for online delivery where we feel we have unique strengths, such as with our Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration degree, our Automotive Management degree, and our many and varied programs in the health professions areas,” Thalner said. “In addition, we have developed many of our 300-and 400-level courses for online delivery to provide alternatives for students who are unable to attend classes at one of our campus locations.”

She added that Ferris’ online programs and courses have the same outcomes and rigor as traditional face-to-face offerings. Thalner further noted that faculty develop and encourage collaborative learning environments within our online offerings. To learn more about Ferris’ online program, visit here.

Northern Michigan University ranked first, Eastern Michigan University second, the University of Michigan-Flint third, Lake Superior State University fourth, Western Michigan University fifth, Grand Valley State University sixth and Central Michigan University seventh. Rounding out the top 10, Oakland University was ninth and Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration was 10th.

In its methodology, AC Online noted that its evaluation of affordable online degree programs is based on quality and cost. It further states that the top online degree programs, and the colleges that offer them, have been fully-vetted by a national and/or regional accrediting body. As part of its analysis, AC Online utilized data from “some of the most respected and reputable data sources available.”

Affordable Colleges Online provides students with information about affordable higher education options. The website offers financial aid videos, expert advice and cost savings ideas. AC Online is a trusted resource for college stats and rankings. Most recently the site launched a feature that provides students with a categorized directory of free online introductory, or “101,” classes from several top-named U.S. universities such as MIT, Michigan and U.C. Berkeley.