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Graphic Design Faculty Member to Lecture at Mississippi State University

William CulpepperWilliam Culpepper, a Ferris State University assistant professor of Graphic Design, will lecture at Mississippi State University as part of its School of Architecture Lecture Series, Wednesday, March 21 through Saturday, March 24.

“Alternative Practices” is the theme of the lecture series. Culpepper’s MSU lecture will focus on professionalism, creative work and his progress with Graphik Intervention, an urban revitalization project that utilizes graphic design. His lecture will be a crossover presentation for students in Architecture and Art.

“My name is starting to get out there in terms of using different media to engage the public,” Culpepper said. “I think it’s important to expose students outside of Michigan to the unique nature of Ferris’ Graphic Design program, which is housed in the College of Business, and how it works so well with other academic programs.”

Culpepper will share Ferris student design projects during his lecture and will review and critique the work of Mississippi State University Department of Art students.                                      

“I hope that the students think about the bigger picture of what we do as designers,” he said. “My definition of a designer is someone who thinks about collaboration with others and the intersection of art and technology.”

He will present to faculty and students involved with architecture and art. Additionally, Culpepper will lead a workshop for MSU Graphic Design students to review and discuss the work of Architecture students.

Culpepper hopes that through his presentation in Mississippi, he can strengthen awareness of how graphic designers collaborate with others as well as improve his personal work.

“I think that any time you’re forced to put together a presentation about your body of work it helps you to evaluate the work you’ve done and the work you want to do in the future,” Culpepper said. “It provides a way for you to look at the bigger picture of everything as a way to see it all in one piece.”

Culpepper explained that through the evaluation of his past and present work, his efforts to put together this presentation will help define his path for 2012.