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Anti-Hazing Activist Travis Apgar to Speak at Ferris

Anti-Hazing Activist Travis Apgar to Speak at FerrisThe Panhellenic Council is presenting an event designed to create greater awareness at Ferris State University about hazing.

Hazing continues to be an important topic within campus communities nationwide and particularly with respect to Greek organizations and sports teams. The Panhellenic Council has invited Travis Apgar, associate dean of students at Cornell University, to address the topic at Ferris on Thursday, Sept. 29 at 7 p.m. in Williams Auditorium. Apgar was a hazing victim and will speak to the audience from painful firsthand experiences he endured as a first-generation college student.

Apgar, now an anti-hazing activist, has earned advanced degrees in psychology and education administration, and has worked in higher education for more than a decade. He is a member of the board of directors of the Northeast Greek Leadership Association and assists with the development of resources and materials for National Hazing Prevention Week. (Sept. 19-23).

“I thought bringing Travis Apgar to campus would shine light on National Hazing Prevention Week. Also, his keynote speech incorporates more than hazing among Greek organizations. It also talks about sports teams as well. I thought his presentation would appeal to students, and especially freshmen, to make them aware of hazing, how to prevent it and how to speak up when things like this happen on campus,” said Danielle Leisner of the Greek Life Committee in the Office of Student Leadership and Activities.

To learn more about this event, contact Danielle Leisner at (231) 591-2606.