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Ferris to Explore Partnerships with Ansal Institute of Technology

Ferris to Explore Partnerships with Ansal Institute of TechnologyFerris State University’s Office of International Education will host officials from India’s Ansal Institute of Technology to explore collaborative opportunities between the institutions this Friday, Sept. 16 in Big Rapids.

Among the potential areas of collaboration between the institutions that will be discussed are the twinning of programs, which would allow students to combine study time at both schools to obtain a bachelor’s degree; a bridge year, which would offer courses to ease transition after a diploma is earned to enter a master’s degree program at Ferris; and international internships, to maximize AIT’s ideal location near New Delhi and its corporate partnerships. Ferris officials envision a partnership with AIT as one that could lead to an increase in the successful recruitment of international students who are accustomed to the U.S. educational system choosing Ferris as an option.

“This presents an opportunity for exploring collaborative relations with AIT and providing our students and faculty a platform for exchanging and learning in areas of specialization,” said Shirish Grover, an assistant professor in the Management Department of Ferris’ College of Business.

A potential partnership also could help Ferris students with internships abroad through AIT’s location just outside of New Delhi. AIT also has several corporate collaborations that make it an attractive possible partnership for internships abroad. AIT’s marketing plan includes overseas partnerships as a component for students. Ansal also believes that its students who wish to pursue an advanced degree in the U.S. would be best served by completing a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. at an institution like Ferris.

Conversations about a potential collaboration fit with Ferris’ philosophy of being statewide, online and around the world.

“Michigan is one of the top 10 states in the U.S. in terms of the proportion of its economy that is linked to international trade,” Kathleen Bolter, a research analyst in Ferris’ Office of International Education. “Fostering relationships that allow individuals at Ferris State University to become more versed in globalization is extremely beneficial for both the university and the state of Michigan in terms of preparing our students for the future.”

The visiting delegation from Ansal Institute is expected to include Prabhat Gupta, dean of the International Twinning Program; Puja Chhabra Sharma, assistant dean of the International Twinning Program; and C. S. Nagpal, director of the School of Management and Engineering. The AIT delegation was already visiting Eastern Michigan University as part of a partnership already in place.

“AIT has an existing agreement with Eastern and asked about visiting Ferris while they were here in Michigan to explore the possibility of collaborations with our university,” said Bob Ewigleben, director of International Development. “We felt that this would be a great opportunity for our institutions to gather together and talk about areas of cooperation.”

The itinerary for the delegation’s visit to Ferris includes meetings with Brian Craig, director of the School of Built Environment; Julie Doyle, representing Hospitality Management in the College of Business; Greg Gogolin, a faculty member in the College of Business and the 2010-11 Distinguished Teacher Award recipient; Todd Stanislav, director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning; and Grover.

AIT offers four-year degrees in Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics and Communication Engineering, and Electrical and Electronics Engineering. AIT offers three-year degrees in Computer Technology, Business Administration, and Banking and Insurance.