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Comedian Fox to Speak on Alcohol Issues at Ferris

Wendi Fox“Trashed” is the strongly-titled message that Wendi Fox has prepared for Ferris State University students to hear on Wednesday, March 16 at 7 p.m. in Williams Auditorium.

Fox, a stand-up comedian and former self-described “high-risk drinker,” will share personal life lessons and offer advice about issues related to alcohol in a humorous way as she visits Ferris’ campus. The five-star campus event is free and open to the public.

“We thought Wendi Fox would be a good speaker to have before St. Patrick’s Day. She has different ways to grab the students’ attentions,” said Allissa Witucki, assistant director of Student Leadership and Activities. “I’m hoping this presentation will help the students to make better decisions. St. Patrick’s Day is typically a big drinking day for students and this event will hopefully cause students to reconsider their actions.”

In order to captivate the audience about the harms of alcohol, Fox will invite two students to the Williams Auditorium stage to participate in “The Big Beer Goggle Challenge.” As part of this unique simulation, Fox incorporates humorous coordination and perception tests for students to better understand the impact of alcohol consumption.

Justin Wensel, vice president of programming for the student organization Entertainment Unlimited, noted that EU is using the program “to raise college awareness of the effects of alcoholism, as well as the consequences of drunk driving.”

Witucki believes “Trashed” will be an entertaining way to gain knowledge about important issues related to alcohol awareness.

Fox explains how her methods of promoting alcohol awareness focus more on finding what students love more than drinking.

“Just telling them to stop drinking doesn’t work,” Fox said.

“Trashed” is a new version of The Alcohol Insanity Tour and focuses on the typical college campus party scene. Fox has visited campus before with other stand-up routines and is known as an anti-lecture artist due to her use of comedy and entertainment to get her messages across to audiences.

The event is put on by EU and is sponsored by the Finance Division of Student Government.