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Panel Explores Complexities, Controversies of Immigration

BpictureIG RAPIDS – Carrying out its mission to create a population of civically and politically engaged individuals, the Political Engagement Project of Ferris State University will host a panel discussion to explore the complexities and controversies of immigration in 21st century America.

The discussion is being held Sept. 16 at 7 p.m. in Business 111.

“The panel will set up the issues that America faces regarding immigration in preparation of the featured speaker West Cosgrove, who will visit Ferris on Sept. 30,” Communication professor Dr. Sandra Alspach stated. “The hope is that students who attend this panel will then be able to attend Mr. Cosgrove’s presentation more informed and more prepared to ask good questions.”

Alspach will act as moderator during the discussion. Other panel members include Ferris professor of Political Science Dr. Richard Griffin, who gained experience working with immigration issues while working in Texas; Ferris associate professor of Sociology Dr. Tony Baker, who gained experience working with immigration issues in Grand Rapids and Chicago; Ferris Office of International Education administrative assistant Shana Beisiegel, who will act as legal documentation specialist; and 49th Circuit Court Judge Scott Hill Kennedy, who will serve as immigration laws and United States Constitution specialist.

“The Political Engagement Project’s mission is to engage students in discussions about political activity as a means to either change or preserve our democracy,” Alspach added. “Students who attend the discussion should expect to learn about what the laws and Constitution say about immigration today; the historical context for our evolving perceptions of immigration issues; the social and political implications for enforcing, changing or rescinding our immigration laws and policies; and about the impact these policies have on Ferris students as we continue to increase our international student enrollment.”