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Hollen Speaks on Topic of Educational Pathways to Green Careers

logoIn an increasingly green world, Ferris State University’s Thomas Hollen understands the importance of spreading the word about what Ferris is doing to address a very green and sustainable future.

Hollen, who serves as program coordinator for Energy Systems Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Technology in Ferris’ College of Engineering Technology, was a featured speaker on Nov. 4 in Warren at a Macomb Community College Conference, “The Future of Energy: Educational Pathways to Green Careers.” The conferences (conducted Oct. 14 and 28 and Nov. 4 and 11) were billed as “a series of free collaborative events providing educational and career information on energy sectors and the new green economy.”

Ferris has placed an emphasis on what it means to be green through its annual Michigan Energy Conference and outreach events like those at MCC.

“I have met with the faculty at Macomb on several occasions last year to discuss our programs. At times, these events have been attended by Tom Oldfield, who retired this year as dean of the College of Engineering Technology, and Ron McKean, interim dean of CET. Macomb Community College has a grant from, I believe NSF (National Science Foundation), to start an energy program,” said Hollen, an associate professor in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Energy Systems Engineering. “They recently furnished several laboratories with training equipment and are developing curriculum.

“As part of this grant, they needed to present programs to students about opportunities in the energy field.”

According to Hollen, these educational and career information programs were set up in conjunction with schools like Ferris, Walsh College, Wayne State University and Lawrence Tech. He added that each institution was given a budget to host a student night. In addition to people from Ferris being available to answer questions, various individuals from Macomb Community College had tables set up to provide information on the courses and services they provide to students. Ferris has a permanent present at Macomb, in the person of Joe Joyce, who teaches and coordinates programs there for FSU.

On Nov. 4, Ferris hosted an event at MCC entitled “Energy Systems of the Future.”

“I arranged for speakers from Franklin Energy and had 120 T-shirts made up for the program,” Hollen said. “I have been down there quite a few times this year working with the Macomb people and have developed a good relationship with them.”