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Ferris, Hobart Partner for Training

pictureIt was not a coincidence that Ferris was looked at to partner in providing this training. When Hobart first started to discuss this strategic move into a new service market, Ferris was the first school to come to Jim Boeke’s (HVAC ’70), director product service and training at Hobart, mind.

Working with Tom Crandell, director of Ferris’ Corporate & Professional Development Center, Hobart and Ferris established a balanced combination of classroom and hands-on training in the development of this customized school. Under the direction of Ed Phillips, training instructor with Hobart, the program was designed by Ferris’ assistant professor Joe Compton, adjunct faculty member Bob Persons and assistant professor Joe Pacella; Compton and Persons also were the instructors.

The partnership with Hobart is currently set up for three years and includes five-114 hour educational sessions during the summer months. “All participants will be on campus for three weeks and will receive refrigeration recovery certification and continuing education units at the end of their session,” said Phillips.

“The participants so far have given very positive feedback,” said Boeke.

Not all the technicians from Hobart’s 160 locations will come to Ferris, though they estimate close to 500 will. There are plans for Hobart/Ferris graduates to go back and offer on-site training for those who do not come to Big Rapids.