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125th Geocaching Event Celebrates Ferris' Past, Present and Future

To participate, all you need is a GPS device, a 125th Geocaching Event card and a few hours of time, said event chair Scott Thede. Explorers can begin testing their navigational skills this Thursday, Sept. 3, with the event continuing through May 2010 for future geocachers.

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt, with caches hidden and maintained by anyone who wishes to participate, Thede said. Adventurers then find these caches using GPS units. A cache is a box containing coordinates describing how to find the next cache. The caches designed for the 125th Geocaching Event will include informational material about the university.

“The caches also will include SWAG, or stuff we all get, including items such as key chains or pens,” Thede said. “And, those people who take an item can feel free to leave an item.”

This is just one more fun way for people to get involved in Ferris’ celebration of its 125th anniversary, said Mary Kay MacIver, Geocaching Steering Committee member.

“I encourage anyone interested in testing their navigational skills to stop by the Campus Quad on Thursday to get informational material from Scott,” MacIver said, noting a geocaching information box will be set up near the W.N. Ferris statue.

Thede noted participants in the 125th Geocaching Event can expect to find caches in stages one and two located at significant historical locations related to Ferris. Stage three will represent the here and now, while stages four and five will represent the future of the university, he said.

And, besides a little fun and history, participants who successfully complete the 125th Geocaching event by making it through all five stages will be entered into a drawing to win one of 125 limited edition 125th anniversary coins, Thede added. There also is an option at stage two for participants to double their chances by completing a bonus card. In addition to having their name entered into the drawing to win an anniversary coin, participants also will be in the running to win a 125th anniversary T-shirt.