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Faculty recognized with tenure, promotions and merit awards

BIG RAPIDS – As the campus community prepares for Spring Commencement, it also is time to recognize the achievements of faculty who will receive tenure, promotions and merit awards. Each of these decisions reflects significant accomplishments to the University, its programs and students through years of engagement and effort.

Faculty achieving tenure includes Allison Bernknopf, Mary Bonacci, Tracey Boncher, Michael Dekker, Laura Dix, Cathleen Edick, Scott Herron, Claire Saadeh, Holly Schalk, William Smith, Meral Topcu, Michelle Weemaes and Douglas Zentz.

Faculty promotions to full professor includes Peter Balanda, Lianne Briggs, Renato Cerdena, Cambria DeHoag, Bruce Dilg, Mike Feutz, Virginia Hines, Teresa Klepser, Steve Lyman, Kelly Seitter and Kent Sun. Promotions to associate professor includes Allison Bernknopf, Tracey Boncher, Laura Dix, Jennifer Hagerman, Bradley Isler, Paul Kammerdiner, Paul Klatt, Russ Leonard, Joseph Lipar, Jana Pisani, Piram Prakasam, Gordon Reynolds, Mark Rusco, Christine VonderHaar and Douglas Zentz. Michaelle Weemaes has been promoted to assistant professor and Tom Liszewski to counselor level III.

Faculty receiving merit awards includes Ali Abbasabadi, Tom Behler, Sandra Burns, John Caserta, Daniel Cronk, Greg Denny, Terry Doyle, Richard Griffin, Judith Hooper, Steve Jakubowski, Bradley McCormick, Robert McCullough, Thomas Mehl, Connie Morcom, Karen Norman, John Schmidt, Phillip Sterling, Alison Stone and Fred Wyman.

These faculty will be among those honored at the Faculty Recognition Dinner on April 17.