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MyBulldog ID Card

  •  MyBulldog ID Card

    Welcome to Ferris State University! Now that you are joining our campus community, you will need to obtain an official Ferris State University ID card, known as the MyBulldog ID card. You will use your MyBulldog ID card to access privileges and services across campus, such as access to university buildings, residence halls, dining facilities, Student Recreation Center and other services. First-time students attending orientation should submit a photo online following the guidelines on this page. Your card will be waiting for you when you arrive on campus.

    There are two ways for students to obtain a MyBulldog ID Card:

    1. Submit a photo online and pick up your ID when you arrive on campus for move-in.
    2. Visit the Student Financial Services counter at the Timme Center during our business hours to have your picture taken and ID printed.

    To receive an ID card that reflects a first name other than your legal first name, visit the Registrar’s page for instructions to update the first name of your student record. Please wait 48 hours before submitting your photo to ensure the correct name will be on your MyBulldog ID card.

    We’ll have your card pre-printed so all you have to do is show us your government-issued photo ID and sign for your card. We will not release your Bulldog ID card to anyone but YOU. Acceptable forms of identification include: Driver’s License or Non-driver ID Card issued by DMV, State ID, U.S. Green Card, U.S. or foreign passport, U.S. Military ID Card, or an INS I-1551 resident alien card.

    There is no charge for your first MyBulldog ID card but if you need to replace a lost or stolen card, there is a $25 replacement fee.

  •  Photo Guidelines

    Guidelines for Online Photo Submission

    Uploading your preferred photo ahead of time will save you time when you arrive on campus. 

    What are the photo requirements? 

      • Acceptable forms of identification include: Driver’s License or Non-driver ID Card issued by DMV, State ID, U.S. Green Card, U.S. or foreign passport, U.S. Military ID Card, or an INS I-1551 resident alien card.
    • Photo must be a recent photo (within the past 6 months) and have a light colored background.
    • Face must be clearly visible and facing forward – no profile shots, dark glasses, or large/wide headbands.
    • Hats and head coverings may not be worn, except for religious purposes and may not obscure or shadow the face.
    • Your entire face must be visible – including forehead and chin.  Style your hair so it does not obstruct your face.
    • Photo should be cropped from just above the top of your head to collarbone.
    • Photo must be in color. 
    • No filters (Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) or Photoshop.
    • No unnecessary objects in photos.
    • Photo should just be you – no pets or other people in the photo.
    • No graduation caps, gowns, or costumes can be worn.
    • Photo brightness, contrast and cropping must be reasonable.
    • The files must be in a .jpg or .jpeg format.

    We are unable to adjust your submitted picture. 
    Photos that do not meet the above requirements will be denied.

    Acceptable Photo Submission Examples

    sawyr good

    Unacceptable Photo Submission Examples

    derekIncorrect head space/
    top of the head not visible

    No filters, blurry images, or black and white photos

    No hats, hoods, or sunglasses

    Incorrect crop lines/make sure to center head

    No eyes closed


    No additional people

    No busy backgrounds


    No outdated photos 

    No face-altering filters

  •  Other Information

    Lost Bulldog Cards

    If you lose your Bulldog Card, you should call Student Financial Services, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm at 231-591-5242. There is a $25 charge for misuse, replacement and lost or stolen Bulldog Cards.

    Closing An Account

    Student are encouraged to use all funds before closing an account. Accounts may be closed upon leaving or graduating from the University. Refunds are subject to a $10 processing fee, deducted before any refund is issued. Refunds will be issued and may take up to 3 weeks for processing. No refund will be issued for any balance less than $10. Documentation will be required to close to your account.  *Not all accounts are eligible for refunds.

    Note: if you have a balance due to the University on your student account, any Bulldog Bucks will be applied to your balance due prior to any refund.

    To close your account, call 231-591-5402.

    Caring for your MyBulldog ID card

    • Keep it in a safe carrying case (wallet or card holder).
    • Keep it away from magnets and computers to avoid magnetic damage.
    • Do not punch holes in your card.
    • Do not expose to water or excessive heat.
    • Do not allow anyone else to use your card.
      • Do not leave your card in an unsecured place.
  •  Badge Submission

    If you are in need of a badge please fill out the Badge Submission Form.

    If you already have a Ferris ID picture on file you do not need to submit another for a badge.

How to Submit a Photo

DID YOU READ THE PHOTO GUIDELINES? Not adhering to photo guidelines will result in submission being denied. 

  1. Read the photo requirements - Photo must have white/light background 
  2. Take picture of government issued ID to submit along with Ferris ID photo
  3. Go to and log in
  4. Click on the word "Profile"
  5. Submit a photo


Ideally we would have your photo no later than 14 calendar days prior to the beginning of the semester, but we will make every effort to have your photo ID printed before you arrive to campus.  We recommend you submit your photo as soon as possible.  If your photo is not printed prior to move-in, you will be able to take your photo and have the ID printed on-site during check-in.

Be sure to review the photo requirements before submitting your photo. Email confirmations will be sent to your [email protected] account informing you if your photo has been accepted or rejected. 

If you are having issue with the above instructions, contact us at Student Financial Services at [email protected] or 231-591-5242.

Once your photo is submitted and approved, you cannot submit another photo. If you would like a new or different photo on your MyBulldog ID Card, please visit the Student Financial Services counter on the first floor of the Timme Center to have a new photo taken and pay the replacement fee.