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Students and teacher in a high school classroom.

School of Education in the CVL

Advanced Teaching for Tomorrow, Taught Now

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At just sixteen years old and “paralyzed with fear,” Woodbridge N. Ferris stood in front of a classroom of students for the first time as a teacher on November 15, 1869. He said simply, “I have come here to help you, boys and girls, if you will let me.” Mr. Ferris called it the greatest speech of his life. 

Woodbridge went on to found what would become Ferris State University in 1884. He would dedicate his life to education, become a two term Michigan Governor and ultimately, a United States Senator. Mr. Ferris’ passion for education, for training educators with a hunger for learning, and his advocacy for those “boys and girls, men and women who possessed real genius,” those whose opportunities were being systematically undercut by circumstances of their birth, remain hallmarks for Ferris State University and its School of Education today. 

The School of Education at Ferris State University cultivates the leaders with the greatest collective impact on the foundations of our future society and economy, our teachers. Its mission is to prepare 
leadership, life-long learning, reflection, and collaboration in the classroom, school and greater 

Offering degree programs from Associates to Graduate level, and a robust Career and Technical Education Teacher Certificate program, its greatest strengths rest in its expert faculty members, strong 
relationships with partners offering hands-on experience in classrooms around the State, and consistent focus on connecting strategic assets to educational workforce needs. 

School of Education in the Center for Virtual Learning 

Recent events have clearly illustrated the need to equip educators with the tools and skills to teach anywhere, across a range of platforms and technology. The integration of the School of Education into the Center of Virtual Learning and positioning of its classrooms and offices with the most technologically advanced programs in the University will skyrocket these efforts forward. 

School of Education classrooms will be housed on the second floor of the Center, across from the Information Security and Intelligence Program. Faculty Offices will be on the third floor, sharing a suite with the School of Digital Media faculty. The increased opportunities for collaboration and interprofessional outreaches will enhance the readiness of faculty and students to engage the next generation of lifelong learners. 

The School of Education is also seeking to equip the space with cutting- edge content delivery tools and technological innovations to prepare future teachers, not only for the dramatic shifts of the present, but for the next evolution in teaching and education. 

Floorplan showing the School of Education's location in the Center for Virtual Learning

Fast Facts

  • 6 out of 10 Michigan school districts started the 2020 school year without enough full-time teachers to fill their classrooms (Michigan Association of Superintendents and Administrators). 
  • Ferris’ growing School of Education is poised to train the next generation of educators to meet the demand for birth to 12 teachers in a variety of disciplines.
  • Unique in Michigan, Ferris places a special emphasis on preparing teachers for success in areas with significant economic challenges, urban and rural.
  • New teacher education graduates earn starting salaries between $37,000 - $45,000 per year depending upon discipline and setting.
  • 7-12 grade and post-secondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are growing in Michigan and nationwide. However, there is a shortage of CTE-certified educators.
  • In partnership with the State of Michigan, the Ferris CTE program assists those with experience in technical fields to enter the teaching profession.
  • Because many of these students are non-traditional, programs are designed to be accessible through summer courses and online courses.
  • CTE Graduates enjoy 100 percent placement and starting salaries of over $54,000 in Michigan and regionally. 

Ready to Learn More?

To learn more about how you or your organization can participate in this signature building that will support our students and faculty engaged in high-demand career fields, contact The Ferris Foundation.

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