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Upload CPS Session Results to Blackboard Gradebook #2

If an instructor would rather wait until sometime later, instead of immediately after a session is concluded, the results of the session can be uploaded from the "Report" tab. Highlight the session desired, and then click the "Upload" icon. The instructor is prompted for Blackboard log-in credentials, and the session scores are sent. Another use of this path may be as follows:

Though the session scores were initially uploaded immediately after the session was concluded, the instructor later chooses to re-score certain individual's results, or to alter the key to correct a mis-key or to accept additional alternate answers (this operation automatically re-scores any and all students who would be affected by the change). These operations adjust the results within your CPS database, but you would need to re-upload the adjusted results to Blackboard. Any re-upload overwrites whatever was in the associated Blackboard Gradebook column previously.

Note also how the listing in the "Report" tab below has a column that shows whether the results have been "Uploaded" to the CMS or not. In this listing, "In Gradebook" once again refers to the Gradebook within the instructor's CPS database. Notice the second line below the "Prepare, "Engage" and "Report" tabs has two more buttons: "Reports" and "Gradebook". Those buttons are used to toggle between those two tabbed views while in the "Report" tab.

Special thanks to Faculty member Randy Vance for contributing this article!