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Uploading CPS Session Results to Blackboard Gradebook #1

When you engage a session ("Engage" tab selected, the "Lesson" is checked, and then click "Advanced"), you have the "Advanced Engage Options" dialogue screen:

  • "Include in Gradebook" means the scores from the session will be included in your CPS database's Gradebook (it has its own). It's a good idea to have it there, because it's like a backup to having the scores in your Blackboard Gradebook.

  • "Automatically Upload" means the results will be sent to the course management system after the session is closed. The instructor will be prompted for their Blackboard username and password (NOT the eInstruction account password). The scores will be delivered into a newly created column in the Blackboard Gradebook with a title = lesson_date_time the results were uploaded. The column will be set to "Release-Yes", so the scores will be immediately available to students in "MyGrades" as soon as the results arrive.

  • "Export to Question Grid" means that a tab delimited file will be created and saved in the same folder that the database resides, and that file will have the record of every response by every student. You can open that file in Excel if you need to audit what was actually recorded from each response pad.

Special thanks to Faculty member Randy Vance for contributing this article!