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Disable SSL 3.0 in Browsers

If you would like to prevent possible exploitation from POODLE, you can disable the use of SSLv3 within your web browser. We have provided instructions for the main browsers below.

Google Chrome

Chrome does not have a setting configurable in the user interface to turn off SSLv3. Instead, Chrome needs to be told not to use SSLv3 at launch. To automatically launch Chrome with SSLv3 disabled, follow the instructions for your operating system.

Depending on how you open Google Chrome, you may have to open it in a different way. If you open it through Spotlight, just type Chrome-POODLE-Proof instead of Google Chrome If you open it by clicking on it in the Dock, open Finder, and click Applications. Drag-and-drop the to the Dock. When you want to open Chrome, click the icon that looks like a robot holding a pipe instead of the normal Google Chrome icon.

Internet Explorer

To disable SSLv3 in Internet Explorer on Windows Vista and newer, uncheck the "Use SSL 3.0" box on the "Advanced" tab in the Internet Options program.

  1. Launch "Internet Options" from the Start Menu
  2. Click the "Advanced" tab
  3. Uncheck "Use SSL 3.0"
    Disable SSL 3.0 in Browsers
  4. Click "OK"


Apple has released Security Update 2014-005, which disables CBC-mode ciphers in coordination with SSLv3. The patch is available for Mac OS Mavericks, Mountain Lion, and Yosemite.

Thanks to MSU and others for putting these instructions together.