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Today's Predictions for Tomorrow's Internet

Week 3: Oct. 16-20
Today’s Predictions for Tomorrow’s Internet

From StaySafeOnline

"Take a look into our future through the lens of the connected internet and identify strategies for security, safety and privacy while leveraging the latest technology. With the explosion of digital interconnectivity, it is critical to explore everyone’s role in protecting our cyber ecosystem.

Smart cities, connected healthcare devices, digitized records and smart cars and homes have become our new reality. Week 3 will remind you that your personal data is the fuel that makes smart devices work. While there are tremendous benefits of massive interconnectivity, it is critical to understand how to use cutting-edge technology in safe and secure ways."

Being connected brings great benefits to making our every day activities a little bit easier. Having the ability to search for places near by, finding our friends, checking your bank accounts, or cars that drive themselves, all of this creates the need to be aware that with this incredible access and ability comes the challenge of staying safe in a digitized world.

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