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Romance Scams

The FBI has recently posted an article regarding romance scams and how to avoid them. This form of identity theft/fraud is not new, but recently has started gaining popularity. Victims whom are emotionally vulnerable are targeted by criminal groups whose main goal is to scam money out of them. 

Here are a few ways to avoid becoming a victim of these attacks:

  • Research the person’s photo and profile using online searches to see if the material has been used elsewhere.
  • Go slow and ask lots of questions.
  • Beware if the individual seems too perfect or quickly asks you to leave a dating service or Facebook to go “offline.”
  • Beware if the individual attempts to isolate you from friends and family or requests inappropriate photos or financial information that could later be used to extort you.
  • Beware if the individual promises to meet in person but then always comes up with an excuse why he or she can’t. If you haven’t met the person after a few months, for whatever reason, you have good reason to be suspicious.
  • Never send money to anyone you don’t know personally. “If you don’t know them, don’t send money,” Beining said. “You will see what their true intentions are after that.

Read the article here: FBI: Romance Scams

The FBI encourages individuals to who have becomes victims of romance scams to file a complaint with their Internet Crime Complaint Center