How to Submit a Technology Purchase Request

The link to the “How to Submit a Technology Purchase Request” document below is a quick way to get started using the system. The link to the “Technology Service Portal Training Video” below provides in-depth training on how the system works. Most individuals will only need to watch the first half of the training video related to entering a purchase request in the system. The second half of the video is for departmental approvers.

In the video you will learn:

  • How to access the new technology purchasing system.
  • How to submit a purchase request.
  • How to add attachments to a purchase request.
  • How to review the status of your purchase request.
  • How to add comments to an existing purchase request.
  • How the approval and review process work in the new system.

Key personnel in each department have been trained on how to use the new system. Stop by your department administrative office or call the IT Solution Center at 231-591-4822 if you need assistance using the new system to make a technology purchase request using University funds.