Project Management Guide

Information Technology Services (IT Services) has begun efforts to apply a more structure approach to managing larger, more complex endeavors involving administrative applications, academic and instructional technology, infrastructure, information security, and networking. We work with the administration to prioritize our projects and do a better job of executing them.

Project Management is part of the Enterprise Application and Infrastructure Services (EAIS) Department and is there to ensure consistent project management techniques are used throughout all of IT Services. IT Services Project Manager Office includes Jim Cook.

Using a well-defined project management workflow will provide a framework for IT Services to do a better job of:

  • Communicating with customers, staff and upper administration,
  • Reviewing of all aspects and cost of a given project,
  • Setting realistic commitments on scope, schedules, costs and staffing,
  • Prioritizing and/or ranking of projects,
  • Completing projects on time and on budget.

We have worked to develop criteria for what a “project” is, developed an online project request form, and documented the approval flow.

    • Requires 80 hours or more of ITS total work effort
    • Requires institutional funds (exclusive of salaries)
    • Has a large university impact (affects all faculty, affects many students, Banner integration, etc.)


    If you have an IT request that is not a project, please contact the IT Solution Center via one of the methods listed on the left hand sidebar. If you are investigating a new technology for your classroom, we would like to be a part of it. Please contact the IT Solution Center, and we will assign a technical advisor.

  • IT Services is using project management software which is intended to improve processes, communications, and success of IT projects. To accomplish this, IT Services needs to thoroughly identify resources and assign priority to university projects in alignment with our mission and strategic plan. After you submit your new project request form we will contact you for further information. This is to insure proper preparation for your request to be approved through the formal project request process. 

If you have questions or concerns about whether something is a project or just a standard work order after viewing the information on the web site listed above start by contacting the IT Solution Center via one of the methods listed on the left hand side.