IT Services Rolls Out New Self-Service Portal and Purchase Request System - 5/31/2017

On May 31st 2017,  IT Services introduced a new Self-Service Portal and updated Purchase Request system for all University Faculty, Staff, and Students. The Self-Service Portal is meant to provide the University an avenue to interact with IT Services anywhere and anytime. To access the Self-Service Portal, just follow this link -  IT Self-Service Portal or go to and click on the Self-Service Portal link in the red box on the left side of the page.

The Self-Service Portal provides the University the ability to do the following:

  • Enter new IT related incidents and service requests (using the Service Catalog to find exactly what is needed)
  • Check the status of open incidents and service requests
  • See what IT devices are assigned (Computers, tablets, mobile devices, etc.)
  • Purchase standard and non-standard hardware and software
  • View top issues and notifications about campus wide outages or interruptions to University services
  • Search the IT knowledgebase for answers to common issues
  • Chat with a TAC representative
  • And many more IT related services

The IT Service Catalog within the Self-Service Portal provides a look into the different services that IT Services provides to the University. From the Service Catalog, you can select from many different service requests (Service Requests mean that you are asking for something that you don’t already have and need to do your job) and incidents (Incidents/Report an Issue means that something is broken and is not functioning properly) to specifically select what is needed from IT and a new IT ticket will be generated automatically for you.

In addition to the Self-Service Portal, the IT Purchase Request system has been updated to allow for an easier and faster IT purchase process. From within the Self-Service Portal just click on the Purchase Requisition link in the toolbar and browse the product catalog of standardized hardware and software. In this new system, non-standard IT items can be added to the same purchase request that contains standard items so everything gets ordered at once and tracked altogether. We have also improved our approval process behind the scenes to limit the amount contacts needed to move through a purchase request. This purchase request system is only available to University Employees.

We are constantly working on and updating our Self-Service Portal and IT Purchase Request system to improve the University’s experience and interaction with IT. With these types of tools in place, IT Services will be able to respond more appropriately to incidents and requests, which in turn results in better resolutions and improved satisfaction. For more information and videos on how to use the Self-Service Portal and Purchase Request system, click on this link - and find the drop down at the bottom of the page for Self-Service Portal Guides.