IT Services Web Site Re-Design - 1/16/2017

IT Services have been working over the past few months to evaluate and update the IT Services web pages. The work that has been done has been aligned with the University of Advancement and Marketing's page design and layout, similar to the home page. These changes were needed to bring our pages current in design and functionality, along with ensuring that the web content is updated and relevant to our Faculty, Staff, and Students. In addition, special care has been taken to ensure that all new IT Services web pages are created and maintained with accessibility considerations in mind, along with functionality on whatever device you may be viewing our pages on.

IT Services will be working very diligently to ensure that our pages are kept up-to-date and that we are providing the most helpful information to the University. While work is still being done on parts of the web pages, it is important to get these new pages published and available to the University so that IT Services can provide assistance to anyone looking at our pages. Some of the helpful changes include:

  • Updated top navigation
  • Web page breadcrumb trail
  • Updated side navigation (links will be relevant to the page you are on)
  • Multiple ways to find information 

To get to the new IT Services home page, go to:

  1. to go directly to the IT home page
  2. and under the Resources tab, click the IT Services link

You may find some links from other pages that link to the old IT Services pages. We are working to clean up all of those links and ensure that they are directed to our new sites. If you come across a link that points to an old MyTechSupport page, please forward that link to [email protected] so that we may update it appropriately.

Our hope is that anyone that visits the IT Services web page, they will be able to get help, find answers, or request assistance quickly and easily with as few clicks as possible. As we continue to work on our pages, new ways to interact with IT will be available through our Service Catalog. The Service Catalog will allow Faculty, Staff, and Students to request specific services directly from the catalog and find answers to common problems through the helpful Knowledgebase. To read more about the Service Catalog, go here.