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2020 Maintenance Night Schedule

  • IT Solution Center Workstation Maintenance Night

    Effective maintenance and support of assets provides longer life to our technology assets. Computers keep the business running, but your computer needs regular computer maintenance to perform at its best. Just like a car, your computer will suffer from performance issues if you don’t keep some form of routine maintenance schedule. For Windows updates to be applied, all computers must be restarted on a regular basis. 

    The purpose of this workstation maintenance plan is to provide routine and emergency maintenance to hardware and software on FSU owned workstations. Routine updates to operating systems and applications reduce security risks and strengthens the University’s security footprint. Maintenance may include updates to the following list of items, however the list is not all-inclusive. Urgent and emergency updates will be installed as soon as possible. 

    • Windows updates/upgrades
    • Anti-virus updates
    • Application updates
    • Security updates

    With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft is releasing Feature Updates twice a year. The IT Solution Center cannot keep all workstations up-to date with the current Feature Updates the way we are currently deploying them. We always seem to be “chasing our tails.” The new Workstation Maintenance Plan will help us automate these updates so we can focus our attention on other areas of support.

    All FSU owned Windows workstations will be impacted by this new plan. Updates will be downloaded and installed on workstations during daytime hours every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. All workstations will be rebooted at 2:00 am on Maintenance nights to ensure updates are applied in a timely manner. If your workstation is not working appropriately after a workstation maintenance night, please call the IT Solution Center at extension 4822 for assistance.

     Mac devices will not be affected by this plan. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the IT Solution Center at x4822.