Level 3

This level is designed for students who are the high intermediate to low advanced level and prepares students to enter into academic courses. Below are some of the main points covered in each skill course.

Grammar: review of key Level 2 structures, perfect modals and tenses, conditionals, adjective and noun clauses, passive voice, gerund and infinitives phrasal verbs, are introduced to develop receptive and productive grammar proficiency

Listening and Speaking: conversation and discussion skills, extended listening strategies, note-taking, and oral presentation skills in a variety of college level academic contexts and situations

Reading: vocabulary expansion as well as reading and studying strategies to improve reading fluency, comprehension skills, and critical thinking skills in a variety of college level academic contexts

Writing: a variety of English structures, composing cohesive essays, and improving research writing with emphasis on content development, organization, source integration, mechanics, and effective language use 

Course Objectives: Level 3

Achievement Scale and Interpretation