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As healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, Lean Management is recognized globally as a solution that affords clear guidelines for identifying inefficiencies, while providing effective methods for developing operational, sustainable change solutions

The 18-credit Lean Healthcare Minor at Ferris State University provides students with a unique advantage.  Students are eligible to sit for both White Belt and Green Belt certification at the completion of this program. Graduates with this skill set will be in high-demand in the field of healthcare.

All courses for this minor must be completed within the degree. This means they are to be completed no later than the same semester as the last course taken for the degree.

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From Our Graduates

"The Lean minor has provided me a step-up in the world and has definitely proven as an advantage when it came to internship and job hunting. At all of my interviews the interviewer would comment on the minor and say that there aren’t a lot of people who have that skill set coming into the field. Currently, working in a Human Resources department, I am involved with the implementation of a new electronic system that to be executed throughout the whole health system in the coming months. The knowledge that I gained from the Lean minor has helped me both with this process and with other daily processes. Ferris provided me with hands-on learning by having us as students apply Lean to processes being executed within companies in the area. The skill set that I gained from this minor is so beneficial in the healthcare field today and it will continue to set me apart from my peers. I highly recommend the Lean minor to everyone."   

Danielle Motz, HCSA alumnus, Class of 2015

 “The Lean Healthcare program at Ferris State University is the reason I was accepted into my dream internship. I was placed in an organization that was just starting to implement Lean and I was able to demonstrate my up-to-date knowledge of Lean principles in ways that saved the organization time and money. I was able to collect meaningful data to demonstrate and increase the efficiency of the workflow system. Beyond my internship, my experience in Lean has led me on to help with the installation of an automated laboratory system within a hospital and has earned me a spot on a process improvement team to reduce the number of redraw or bad collection specimens. If not for the Lean Healthcare program, I would not have found a field that I truly enjoy!” 

Daniel Wicklund, HCSA alumnus, Class of 2015

From Our Employers

 “There is a burning platform in today’s healthcare industry.  We plague our patients with needless suffering every day, our own employees are burning out and the cost of healthcare continues to spiral out of control.  The lessons learned in the manufacturing industry decades ago are now being tailored to tackle the complex problems in today’s healthcare industry.  Programs like FSU’s Lean Healthcare Minor and Post-baccalaureate Certificate are at the leading edge of this critically needed skillset.  Since lean management is a relatively new discipline within healthcare, a graduate with either of these credentials would definitely have an advantage in our hiring process.”     

Kurt A. Knoth, Vice President, System Supply Chain, Spectrum Health System

Gail L. Bullard, DHEd, MSHA, RN, LBBH
Bridges to Health and Healthcare Certified Trainer
Assistant Professor 
Program Coordinator MHA and Lean Healthcare 
[email protected]

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