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Respiratory Care Clinical Placement Guidelines

  • All placements will go by a student's GPA. The GPA used is the one that is posted in Banner on the transcript. Students will be rank ordered by GPA and placements will be made in that order.
  • Placements will be made by students request. The clinical coordinator will have the students complete a Clinical Placement Request form and will utilize that to determine placement.
  • In order of GPA, if a student's first choice is available they will be placed in that choice, if not it will fall to their second, etc. If there are no placements available from the first 3 choices a students has submitted, the clinical coordinator will request additional placements from the student.
  • If there is a specific academic reason (or in the case of a special needs student) for awarding a certain placement, that will be taken into account. If the clinical site specifically requests a  student be placed there and the student wishes placement at that site, all attempts will be made to honor the sites request for placement. If a clinical site specifically indicates they would prefer a student not be placed there, the site's wishes will be honored.
  • All attempts will be made to place all students during the semester they are assigned clinical time, but specific clinical placements can not be guaranteed secondary to availability of clinical sites, multiple requests for the same clinical sites and the above placement criteria