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Dental Hygiene and Public Health Faculty and Staff

Department Administration Office
Susan Wancour, Department Chair VFS 405
Jacee Potts, Secretary Level 2 VFS 404
Public Health Faculty Office
Emmanuel Jadhav, Faculty/Program Coordinator VFS 332
Michael Reger, MPH - Faculty/Program Coordinator VFS 403
Dental Hygiene Faculty Office
Catherine Archer, Faculty VFS 315
Kimberly Beistle, Faculty/Program Coordinator VFS 302
Cathy Harlan, Faculty VFS 313
Susan Wancour, Faculty VFS 312
Dental Hygiene Clinic Office
Nancy Baar, Clinical Dental Hygienist VFS 206B
Danette Boyd, Dental Facilities Coordinator VFS 204C
Denise Byrnes, Clinical Dental Hygienist VFS 206A
Jerelyn Smith, Clinical Operations Supervisor VFS 204B
Cameo McGowen, Dental Clinic Clerk VFS 202