Dental Hygiene BS Completion Program

Designed For Students

BS in DH

This fully online baccalaureate program in dental hygiene is designed for students who are completing their associate degree in dental hygiene and licensed dental hygienists who want to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene in a student-centered learning environment. Students will engage in self-directed learning activities, advance their knowledge in the areas of critical thinking, exhibit values for lifelong learning, synthesize evidence based information and develop leadership skills.

Advancing the Profession

Increasing access to oral health care, new systems of oral health care delivery, changing oral disease patterns, an aging population and a more advanced health conscious public have changed the nature and the future of dental hygiene practice.

This degree program will guide students in developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary for positions of responsibility in a variety of healthcare, educational, research and community settings.

Program Goals

  1. The program will provide students with knowledge to develop skills in critical thinking and evidenced based research while fostering lifelong learning.
  2. The program will support the American Dental Hygienists' Association initiative of advancing the profession by providing leadership opportunities and advanced educational degrees.
  3. The program will advance student knowledge toward varied career opportunities in dental hygiene through a diverse curriculum.
  4. The program will prepare students to support research activities impacting oral and systemic health leading to the discovery of new knowledge of contemporary dental hygiene theory and practice.
  5. The program will prepare students to address the challenges of advancing the dental hygiene profession and access to dental care.

Program Outcomes

Building upon the dental hygiene competencies of ethics / values / skills, health promotion, community, patient / client care and professional growth and development, students who complete the Bachelor of Science degree in dental hygiene will be able to:

  1. Analyze research for evidence-based practice and theory as applied to the Dental Hygiene profession.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking and lifelong learning through collaborative partnerships which promote the advancement of the Dental Hygiene profession.
  3. Assist and participate in the coordination of oral health care services for diverse populations throughout all levels of the lifespan.
  4. Actively engage in leadership roles found in education, government, public health, management and the associations which support the advancement of the Dental Hygiene profession.
  5. Utilize evidence based practice and theory when engaged in activities toward the advancement of the Dental Hygiene Profession.