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Applications for the Clinical Programs

College of Health Professions

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Why do I still have to apply to the COHP clinical program I want to enter if I have already been accepted at Ferris?
    The COHP clinical programs at Ferris are space limited due to the need for clinical placements. For this reason, every student is initially admitted to Ferris as a “pre-professional” student in the COHP clinical programs.  Admission is based on satisfying qualification criteria.
  •  What criteria are used to determine selection for the next entry date?

    Every program has very specific qualification criteria that are intended to predict success in that program. These criteria will vary by program and students are encouraged to refer to the qualification policy for each program, which can be accessed on the COHP webpage. Criteria include:

    a) Designated courses

    b) Minimum grades for those courses.

    c) A minimum cumulative Grade Point Average.

    d) Also, there is a limit on the number of attempts for the math and science courses

  •  Once I qualify for the program, am I automatically accepted for the next cohort start date?

    You must apply to be considered for the professional sequence.

    Because there may be more qualified students than seats available in the next cohort, qualified applicants are sorted according to the semester of qualification – this refers to the term that you meet the all the qualification criteria: Fall, Spring or Summer with the year designated. Applicants who qualify in the earliest semester are admitted first, with the next qualifying semester applicants admitted next, until the seats are filled

  •  What happens if there are too many students who have all qualified in the same semester?

    If there are multiple students who qualify during the same semester, two factors will be considered

    1. For students admitted prior to Fall 2017, we will consider your priority date
    2. For students admitted after Fall 2017 we will consider two factors:
      1. Number of credit hours successfully completed at FSU
      2. Overall GPA
  •  What is meant by a “priority date” and how is it used? (For students admitted prior to Fall 2017, we will consider this date)

    This is the date that is unique to each student and could be either of the following:

    • The original date of application to the University for those students who initially selected the COHP program major, never changed it and attended FSU for the semester they applied.
    • The date that an internal academic program change was made declaring the COHP program as a new major. 

    It is important to note that this date may or may not be used to determine entry. It is only used when there is a need for a tie breaker, as in when there are more students qualified in one semester than there are seats available.

  •  What if a student is qualified at the time they make application to the University declaring the COHP major or make a COHP program change within the University?

    The semester of application or program change is the semester of qualification. It is important to note that a student cannot be considered “qualified” earlier than the date they selected the COHP program as their major or applied to Ferris

  •  What do I need to do to apply to the professional sequence?

    There are 3 steps:

    1. Complete the program application form (found on COHP Webpage)

    2. Attach all required materials: 
      1. Completed Application for Program. 
      2. Copy of Unofficial Transcripts from all institutions attended
      3. Other documentation as specified by the program (see program application form
    3. Submit the complete application packet as directed on the form between January 15 and January 30 for most programs to the COHP Dean’s Office. The Nursing program application period is between March 15th – March 30th
  •  How many students are accepted each application cycle?

    Due to our Accreditation standards and clinical sites we will accept up to the following for each program:

    • DHYG (40 seats)
    • RADI (50 seats)
    • NUCM (50 seats)
    • DMS (24 seats)
    • RESP (24 seats)
    • MLS/MLT (32 seats)
    • NURS (32 seats each fall and spring).
  •  Is there an advantage if I submit application materials early?

    No. Applications will not be accepted prior to the application cycle initial date and will be rejected. Applications are not ranked according the order they are received. Remember that it is the semester of qualification that determines the order of admission. Applications will not be reviewed until after the application close date, so there is no need to rush to submit your packet prior to that date.

  •  Will someone check my application form for completeness and notify me prior to the deadline if there are deficits?

    No. Unfortunately, the volume of applications processed during the brief application period does not   allow for this kind of individual review. For this reason, students are expected to accept responsibility for completing the packet according to directions. 

  •  What assistance is available if I have questions about the application packet or process?

    There are many sources of help available to you:

    The COHP Academic Advisors can answer questions submitted by email. This person should be your key contact for these questions.
    Students in a clinical concentration must attend a group advising session each fall and spring semester and the application process will be addressed at these times. 
    General Informational sessions will be held just prior to the application period to assist students who still have questions

  •  Are Criminal Background Checks required?

    Yes, for our clinical purpose a background check will be required prior to the clinical phase of your program.  Criminal records may jeopardize your acceptance

  •  Is there a possibility that I might be granted entry if space becomes available?

    Yes, it is possible. Applications are kept in order of qualification semester.   If a space becomes available, the next qualified student is notified and given the opportunity to enter. If that student declines, then the next student is notified, etc.   There is no penalty for turning down a seat.

  •  If I am not accepted for the next year, will my application be maintained on file or do I need to submit an application again the following year?

    No, you will need to submit a new application packet the next year.   If you plan to apply the next year, please be sure to review all of the materials on the COHP website so that any new requirements are noted.