We’re here for those who want to get things done.


You deserve a personal, practical education. To us, that means that you’ll never be a nameless face in a crowded classroom. At Ferris, you have access to big-college resources and small-college personalization.

Since its beginning, Ferris State has been a leader in career-focused education, providing the best selection of technical and professional majors in Michigan. More than 89 percent of the degrees awarded here since 2006 align with an in-demand occupation.

Ferris offers lots of research opportunities and resources, but it isn’t a research university – it’s a teaching university. Our faculty are leaders who make students their highest priority. And at Ferris State, 80 percent of classes have fewer than 25 students – so that you can get the full benefit of our innovative instruction, one-on-one career advice and professional connections.

Our professors will know you by name and help you succeed. We also offer support services and resources to help you meet your goals, whether you need to decide what to major in or just get a little help with math homework.

Our premier support resources include: