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Fight Song & Alma Mater

Ferris State Bulldog Fight Song

Play Fight Song

Cheer those Bulldogs
Watch them fight.
Boost those Bulldogs
They're all right.
We'll stand by the Crimson and Gold
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Bulldogs of Ferris
Cheer that Bulldog varsity
Steer that team to victory.
Fight you Ferris Bulldogs
And gain another victory.
Fight for Ferris, Crimson and Gold
(repeat strain)

Ferris Fidelity, The Alma Mater

Play Alma Mater

As constant as the Northern Star
Our faith we pledge to thee.
Our word, our bond, our oath, our trust to you fidelity.
From promise of the crimson dawn
To sunset's mellow gold,
Thy spirit shall prevail
We pledge allegiance as of old.
Alma Mater, Hail!

As changeless as the earth and sea
Our faith shall fix our way.
God's truth, our guide, confirms our will
For steadfastness we pray.
Forever in our soul enshrined
These youthful learning days
Our future to secure.
To keep endeavor, strong and true,
Life and purpose pure.