NEMCSA Head Start

NEMCSA Head Start is a preschool program for families with children 3-5 years of age. Head Start is a comprehensive child development program for preschool children.  In addition to education, Head Start provides for social services, health/dental, nutrition, mental health and disability services to participating families.   

Full day and half day program options are available.  A special full-day full-year program is located on the FSU campus for eligible families and offers after-school care for students or working families who need full day care for their preschool child.

Head Start is funded through a grant from the Federal Government and is offered at no charge for families that meet eligibility requirements.  Families interested in enrolling should schedule an appointment with Karen Boochard, Family Community Coordinator for the NEMCSA Head Start Programs in Big Rapids.

Contact information:
Becca Szpiech
Family Community Coordinator
Office phone/fax: 231-527-1430
Email: [email protected]