What’s The DEAL FAQ.

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Can I participate in the DEAL early move-in program and live somewhere else on campus?

If you are living on campus for the fall, and want to do the early move-in and LLC you will need to live in McNerney Hall.

Can I have a friend live with me who doesn’t participate in the early-move in part of the program?

Yes, a friend can be your roommate and not participate in the early-move in program but will need to sign a contracted agreement to participate in the DEAL LLC activities.

What if I want to quit the LLC during the academic year? 

You may quit the LLC, but you would need to move out of the dorm at semester break. If it is spring semester, you would need to move upon quitting.

What if I do the early move-in part of the program, but I decide not to participate in the LLC at the last minute?

You would need to pay the extra housing cost for your early-move in per housing regulations.

Is it possible to have a single room and live in the DEAL LLC?

Yes, you can have a single room due to Covid-19 precautions this will not cost extra during the Fall 2020 school year. For more updates on the safety precautions being taken by housing please visit the Housing and Residence Life homepage.

Will the DEAL LLC be available as an option for me to live after my first year at Ferris?

No, the DEAL LLC is only for incoming freshman.

Can I participate in the DEAL Program as a commuter student?

If you are a commuter student and want to participate in the DEAL early move-in and LLC activities, you are able to do that under a contracted agreement.

What is the time commitment beyond the 5 day early-move in program, for the DEAL LLC?

The time commitment will be two DEAL community programs a semester.

Are there any other Living Learning Communities at Ferris?

Yes! Learn more about the other Living Learning Communities here!

How do I change my housing location to the DEAL LLC in McNerery Hall?

Contact the housing office by email [email protected] and CC: [email protected] notify them that you were accepted into the DEAL LLC and want to be moved to McNerney Hall. If your roommate (a non-early move-in student) is moving with you please have him or her email housing as well and request the DEAL LLC based on the roommate status of a DEAL student.

If I want a non-early move-in student to be my roommate, will this person move in early as well?

No, your roommate will not participate in the early-move in program but will move in when school officially starts.