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Wellness at Your Level

ElevateU Mission 

ElevateU advances the health and well-being of Ferris State students through individual and environmental initiatives in three domains: succeed, thrive, and matter. Succeed encourages focus on student’s academic and career paths. Thrive embraces commitment to mental and physical well-being. Matter enhances development of one’s identity and interpersonal relationships. ElevateU engages the entire Ferris State University community to develop wellness at one's own level by connecting students, to campus resources, cross-campus innovation, and personal development within the 8 Dimensions of Wellness. 

ElevateU Vision

The vision of ElevateU is to positively impact all students in order for them to achieve their full potential for life at Ferris and beyond. 


Succeed measures the business end of your college experience - in other words, your success in academics and your career path. 

  • Focus area: learning strengths, internship & career path, degree & career options, leaderships & professional development, academics & grades, and finances & basic needs.
  • Connected Wellness Dimensions
    • Occupational
    • Intellectual
    • Financial
    • Social


Thrive measures physical, mental and emotional well-being, so you can think, feel, act, and eat in a way that allows you to achieve your full potential. 

  • Focus area: fitness & nutrition, sleep, alcohol & substance use, physical health, sexual health, managing anger, loneliness & depression, body positivity, stress & anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.
  • Connected Wellness Dimensions
    • Physical
    • Emotional


Matter helps you find your purpose in your relationships, your communities, and in the world by connecting you to things that are meaningful to you personally. 

  • Focus area: diversity & identity, relationships & making friends, clubs & volunteering, personality style, purpose & meaning, mindfulness & balance. 
  • Connected Wellness Dimensions
    • Social
    • Spiritual
    • Emotional 
    • Environmental