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The College of Arts, Sciences and Education at FSU prides itself on its professional teaching faculty, master teachers who dedicate themselves to their students, both upper division and lower division. All students in the college of Arts, Sciences and Education enjoy small classes with a great deal of personal interaction with our outstanding faculty, many of whom have been honored with prestigious teaching awards, nationally recognized fellowships, and numerous other honors.

The College of Arts, Sciences and Education supports a number of extracurricular activities for students, such as our nationally ranked college debate team, an award winning student newspaper, theatre productions, music ensembles and professionally related student organizations. Special student research grants are available providing college Arts & Sciences students the opportunity to work closely with faculty on research within their disciplines.

The College of Arts, Sciences and Education also has bachelors degree in automotive writing, bachelors degree in computer information, bachelors degree in multimedia writing, bachelors degree in scientific writing, bachelors degree in medical writing, bachelors degree in journalism, bachelors degree integrative studies, bs degree applied mathematics, bs degree applied math, bs degree in computer science, bs degree operation research, bs degree statistics, bachelors degree mathematics, bachelors degree biochemistry, bachelors degree chemistry, bachelors degree public administration, bachelors degree psychology, bachelors degree social work, and bachelors degree sociology.

The College of Arts, Sciences and Education offers many associates degree programs: associates degree horticulture, associates degree speech communication, associates degree liberal arts, associates degree engineering, associates degree pharmacy, associates degree chemistry, associates degree mortuary science, associates degree science, associates degree pre-law and associates degree molecular biology.

The College of Arts, Sciences and Education has many minor degree programs available: minor degree biology, minor degree communications, minor degree secondary education, minor degree speech, minor degree art history, minor degree arts management, minor degree humanities, minor degree philosophy, minor degree history, minor degree theatre arts, minor degree women and gender studies, minor degree african studies, minor degree african american studies, minor degree creative writing, minor degree french, minor degree secondary education english, minor degree secondary minor degree spanish, minor degree elementary education english, minor degree elementary education language arts, minor degree english literature, minor degree professional writing, minor degree multi-media journalism, minor degree mathematics, minor degree computer science, minor degree community studies, minor degree health, minor degree human development, minor degree multicultural relations, minor degree political science, minor degree sociology, minor degree international studies, and a minor degree psychology.

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