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Creating Your Career

By: Katie Thomas

As a University we are all about helping our students create a career. One way we do this is by the Career and Internship Fair that we host. This is an opportunity for employers to meet with our students and alumni and vice versa. This past Fall we hosted the largest recorded Fair to date. We had over 300 employers and over 1000 students attend.

At this event we have an emphasis on networking. Encouraging students to talk to employers and reach out to our alumni that attend. We work to strengthen and grow our relationships with the employers that attend. Hoping to have them come back to recruit our students and alumni at every fair. The employers have an opportunity to interview students following the event and students can start making connections that could lead to future jobs.  

So here is the question: Are you a student looking for a job, an alumnus looking for a change, or an employer looking for a new hire? Then check out our Spring 2019 Career and Internship Fair. The Fair will be held in the Ewigleben Sports Complex on Thursday February 21st, 2019 from 11am to 3pm. For more information check out Handshake by clicking here.

What You Need to Know About Internships

By: Caitlin Dorton, Pre-Nursing

Ferris students… your professor just stated that it is time for you to find an internship for this coming summer, but you don’t know where to begin. The Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services can help you discover great opportunities! First, you need to consider these two questions: what are the goals of your internship and why is it so important. These two questions will help you to obtain a rewarding internship experience.

What is an internship?

An internship is an official program that is offered by an employer, full time or part time, in which a student can gain hands on experience in the workplace related to their area of study. Your internship goals may be to explore the work setting or to practice specific aspects of your future career.  Employers host internships for students because it provides them the opportunity to train potential hires while also helping manage their workflow. Internships may be paid or unpaid based on the industry and the intern’s role. The CLACS Career Center can help you evaluate your options.

Why are internships important?

Internships give you a chance to network and build relationships with professionals. It is an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop important skills such as managing time and expectations, while building a foundation for your future. An internship will either affirm your career path or inspire you to consider other options. If you are lucky, your internship may even lead to full time employment upon graduation. Many academic programs require completion of at least one internship.  Some even require two.

How to locate internships at Ferris State University?

There are services available to all Ferris State University students and alumni through the CLACS Career Center.  First, you will sign in to your MyFSU and look for the HANDSHAKE icon on the top dashboard. HANDSHAKE connects thousands of employment opportunities with Ferris students and alumni!  HANDSHAKE has a resource section to help you prepare your resume and cover letter and gather tips for your interviews. It also provides a way for you to schedule an appointment with a Career Services professional or use the online video interview practice program BIG INTERVIEW.

For more assistance with locating and obtaining an internship:

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