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Why Major In Automotive Engineering Technology?

The Automotive Engineering Technology Degree program is a four-year bachelor's degree in automotive engineering that concentrates on the automotive engineering skills required by today's automotive industry. College students that major in Automotive Engineering Technology AET receive hands-on laboratory experience in automotive engineering processes, mechanical testing, metallurgy, emission and dynamometer testing. In addition, an on-the-job automotive engineering internships are an important part of this college automotive AET degree and Automotive Engineering Technology Degree program.

Automotive Engineering Technology AET is an instructional automotive technology degree program that prepares individuals to apply basic engineering principles and technical skills in support of automotive engineers and other automotive technology professionals engaged in developing, automotive manufacturing and testing self-propelled ground vehicles and their systems. Our automotive technology and Bachelor's Degree Automotive Engineering Technology - college AET degree programs also include instruction in vehicular systems technology, automotive design and automotive development testing, instrument calibration, automotive test equipment operation, automotive technology maintenance, and report preparation.

College Automotive Engineering Graduates Get Great Jobs

Graduates of our college AET degree program (Automotive Engineering Technology Degree & automotive technology degree) are among the highest-paid and most sought-after graduates of Ferris State University. Because every global automotive manufacturer doing business in America requires automotive engineering development with the precise skills offered by this automotive technology bachelors degree program, many college automotive technology graduates are faced with the difficult decision of choosing from several highly desirable and lucrative automotive engineering and automotive management related job offers upon graduation.

Bachelor's Degree Automotive Engineering Technology
Admission Requirements

College Students entering the Automotive Engineering Technology Degree and AET degree program must have a 2.75 GPA from high school along with a 17 ACT composite and a math 19 sub-score.

A transfer student must have completed a two-year Associate degree. Automotive Technology Students must have a minimum 2.75 GPA in automotive courses and a minimum 2.5 GPA overall. Students that major in Automotive Engineering Technology must be ready for MATH 126 and PHYS 212.

College Degree Automotive Technology
Graduation Requirements

The Automotive Engineering Technology program at Ferris leads to a bachelor of science degree. Earning a College AET Degree requires a minimum 2.0 GPA overall. Automotive Engineering Students must complete all general education requirements as outlined on the General Education website.

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