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Victor Piercey, PhD, JD

Victor Piercey, PhD, JD

Phone: (231) 591-2823
Email: [email protected]


  • PhD, University of Arizona, Mathematics
  • MS, Michigan State University, Mathematics
  • JD, Columbia University, Law
  • BA, Michigan State University, Humanities, History, Economics, Russian


Dr. Victor Piercey holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Arizona as well as a law degree from Columbia University. He teaches in the actuarial science program as well as lower-level courses. He is currently working on a sequence of courses for entitled Quantitative Reasoning for Professionals.

Publications and Intellectual Contributions

  • Journal Article
    Bishop, R. L., Piercey, V., Stone, M. (2020). "Using a Faculty Learning Community to Promote Interdisciplinary Course Reform," Journal of Mathematics and Science: Collaborative Explorations. 16 (1). pp. 69-83. Richmond, VA: Virginia Mathematics and Science Coalition.
  • Book Chapter
    Piercey, V. (2019). "Quantitative Ethics," Mathematics for Social Justice: Resources for the College Classroom. pp. 53-60. Washington D.C: Mathematics Association of America.
  • Journal Article
    Piercey, V. (2019). "Finding Beauty: A Case Study in Insights from Teaching Developmental Mathematics." Journal of Humanistic Mathematics. 9 (2). pp. 130-148.
  • Book
    (2019). "Shifting Contexts, Stable Core: Advancing Quantitative Literacy in Higher Education," In L. Tunstall (Ed.), G. Karaali (Ed.), V. Piercey (Ed.), MAA Notes. 88 Washington D.C: Mathematical Association of America.
  • Journal Article
    Piercey, V., Cullen, R. (2017). "Teaching Inquiry with Linked Classes and Learning Communities," Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies. 27 (1). pp. 20-32.
  • Journal Article
    Piercey, V., Militzer, E. (2017). "An Inquiry-Based Quantitative Reasoning Course for Business Students," PRIMUS. 27 (7). pp. 693-706. Informa UK Limited.


  • Oral Presentation
    Bishop, R. (Presenter), Stone, M. (Presenter), Piercey, V. (Presenter), Lilly Conference on Advancing Teaching & Learning, "Using a Faculty Learning Community for Course Revision: Lessons Learned," Lilly Conferences, Traverse City, MI, (October 17, 2019).
  • Oral Presentation
    Bishop, R. (Presenter), Stone, M. (Presenter), Piercey, V. (Presenter), HatchED 2019, "Connecting Math with Business, Health, and Social Justice to Increase Student Learning," Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI, (September 25, 2019).
  • Oral Presentation
    Piercey, V., Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America, "Why Inclusivity Matters for Inquiry-Based Learning," Cincinnati, OH, (August 2019).
  • Demonstration
    Piercey, V., National Inquiry-Based Learning and Teaching Conference, "Game and Simulation-Based Learning," Initiative for Mathematics Learning by Inquiry, Denver, CO, (June 2019).
  • Presentation
    Piercey, V., "Teaching for Social Justice," Ripon College, Ripon, WI, (May 2019).
  • Lecture
    Piercey, V., Ethics in Mathematics Conference 2, "The Role of an Ethics Code in the Legal Profession: What Can Mathematicians Learn," Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK, (May 2019).
  • Oral Presentation
    Bishop, R. (Panelist), Piercey, V. (Coordinator/Organizer), Joint Mathematics Meeting, "Impacting Mathematics Instruction Through Meaningful Collaboration with Partner Discipline Faculty," Joint Mathematics Meeting, Baltimore, MD, (January 16, 2019).
  • Paper
    Stone, M., Piercey, V., Bishop, R., Summit-P meeting, “Math and Partner Disciplines = Community," Baltimore, MD, (January 15, 2019).
  • Presentation
    Piercey, V., SIAM National Meeting, "Inquiry-Based Learning in Financial Mathematics for Actuarial Science Students," Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Portland, OR, (July 2018).
  • Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Lessons for Inquiry-Based Learning
    Piercey, V., Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD, (April 2018).