Community Summer Band Requirements

General Participation

The Ferris Community Summer Band is open to all area adults, college students, high school students and advanced middle school students with band experience. Musically inclined friends and relatives visiting in town this summer are also welcome even if they cannot attend the rehearsal.

In order to perform in concert, attendance at the rehearsal beforehand is expected.  If you can make all rehearsals and concerts, great!  If not, you are welcome to participate in as many weekly outings with us as you can. To participate, either contact director Scott Cohen in advance at (231) 591-2484 or [email protected], or simply come to the next rehearsal that best fits your schedule.

Guidelines for Ferris Students

We invite all Ferris students who will be in town this summer to participate in Summer Band! If you would like to take Summer Band for credit, you may do so by signing up for Music 160: Symphony Band but ONLY if you will be able to make ALL rehearsals and ALL concerts. A course syllabus is available and will be distributed at the first rehearsal.

If you are able to only make some or most rehearsals and concerts but not all, OR if you are already at the credit limit, OR if you just prefer not to take it for credit, you may still participate under the general participation guidelines, as described above.

To register for credit, Ferris students should register for Music 160: Symphony Band, which is the official catalog listing for Summer Band. This class is initially open to all students. Upon arriving to campus (either before or after classes have started), new students will do a Playing Interview for the Director.


Mondays 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Music Center 108

Playing Interview

A Playing Interview is a no-pressure, informal chance for the Director to listen to and assess the abilities of all students. This insures that students have the basic skill levels to perform in a college band and to help them begin in the appropriate band or bands.

For More Information

Dr. R. Scott Cohen, Director
Music Center 103
(231) 591-2484
Humanities Department Chair
Johnson Hall  117
(231) 591-3675
[email protected]