Community Summer Band


Celebrating its 53rd season, the Ferris Community Summer Band is the summer version of Ferris State University’s West Central Concert Band. Adults, students from Ferris State University, local high school students and advanced middle school students gather for a series of weekly musical escapades. Rehearsals are held on Monday evenings in the Music Center. One or two concerts are presented later in the week throughout the greater Big Rapids area in local parks, the Canadian Lakes Castle and the Big Rapids Band Shell. Each week will feature a different program, making for a rich musical venture for our performing musicians and for our friends, family and neighbors who come to hear us!

Guidelines for Community Members in the Greater Big Rapids Area

We invite all community members who will be in town this summer to participate in Summer Band! Of course, we would be delighted for you to be at all rehearsals and concerts. If you are unable to make them all, then my preference is to invite you to perform for all of the concerts for which you can also attend the preceding rehearsal. Please note that local high school students and advanced middle school students are welcome to join us! And if you have musically inclined friends or relatives visiting in town this summer, please bring them along, too—even if they are unable to attend the weekly rehearsal.

Guidelines for Ferris State University Students (Music 160)

We invite all Ferris students who will be in town this summer to participate in Summer Band! If you’d like to take Summer Band for credit, you may do so by signing up for Music 160: Symphony Band—but ONLY if you will be able to make ALL rehearsals and ALL concerts. A course syllabus is available and will be distributed at the first rehearsal. If you are able to only make some or most rehearsals and concerts but not all, OR if you are already at the credit limit, OR if you just prefer not to take it for credit, you may still participate under the guidelines of the community members, as described above.


Activity-Based Scholarships are NOT available in the Summer. They are available during the Fall and Spring semesters.

For More Information

Dr. R. Scott Cohen, Director
Music Center 103
(231) 591-2484
[email protected]