Dean's Office Directory

Title Name Email Extension Office
Ms. Emily Beard
Professional Programs Advisor
[email protected] 2917 ASC 3054 
Ms. Marie Delamater
Account Specialist
[email protected] 3662 ASC 3052
Ms. Gayle Driggers
Associate Dean Secretary
[email protected] 3666 ASC 3052
Dr. Kristi Haik
[email protected] 3667 ASC 3052
Ms. Deb Iafrate
Support Staff
[email protected] 2740 ASC 3052
Dr. Joe Lipar
Associate Dean of Student and Faculty Affairs
[email protected] 3671

ASC 3052

Ms. Anne London
Director of Student Academic Affairs
[email protected] 3214 ASC 3052
Mr. Dave Schrock
Professional Programs Advisor
[email protected] 3705 ASC 3024
Ms. Christi Swank
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
[email protected] 3667 ASC 3052
Ms. Trinidy Williams
Associate Dean of Operations
[email protected] 3668 ASC 3052
Ms. Jenice Winowiecki
Professional Programs Advisor
[email protected] 2555 ASC 3087