Transfer Guidance

Starting Fresh with Us

Each year the College of Arts and Sciences is home to many students who started their academic careers at one college or university and then made the decision that our programs within the College best fit their needs.

Our faculty and professional advising staff work with transfer students to acclimate you to your major and to help develop a degree plan to move you on your path towards graduation.

How to Apply

Your application is free. Apply today and have your transcripts sent and inputted so we can start our discussions today!

Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships

The Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships strives to be a one-stop shop for information designed for our community college partner schools. Learn how to transfer to Ferris State.

Transfer Equivalencies

We strive to be transfer friendly. We work closely with our partner institutions to help you make a seamless transition from point "A" to point "B." To see how your classes from your current college or university align with ours, check out the transfer equivalency page.

Transfer Guides

If you want to pre-plan the courses you will take at your local Michigan community college, check out the transfer guides that are designed to help you with the advising process.

Transfer Scholarships at Ferris

Ferris State University welcomes and supports transfer students by offering various scholarship opportunities specifically for first-time transfer students. If you're trying to find ways to help pay for school, check out the institutional scholarships available for transfer students.