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Course Competency Assessment

Competency assessment can be comprised of single or multiple instruments including classroom proficiency examinations, portfolios, or performance assessments/projects. Faculty in the appropriate course, program, or department determines the method of assessing courses eligible for competency assessment. Those students completing course assessments meeting the standards required for a grade of "C" or higher will earn credit for the course. Credit granted on the basis of a course competency assessment is entered on a student's record without a grade and is not included in the computation of the Ferris grade point average (GPA) or graduation honors.

A student may take a course competency assessment for any course a maximum of two times.

If a student has been previously enrolled in a course or its equivalent at an accredited college or university (including Ferris) for which credit was earned, the student may not take a competency assessment for that course. Once competency assessment credit for a given course has been awarded, a student may not subsequently enroll in that course and receive a grade.

Students may obtain applications for course competency assessment at their academic dean's office. A fee must be paid at the Timme Student Service Center prior to taking the assessment.