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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about being a Guest Student at another College

Am I eligible to be a Guest Student?

You must be actively enrolled in classes within the last two semesters of the date you plan to be enrolled as a Guest Student. The Guest Institution will determine if you are admissible. Most colleges will require that you be in good academic standing with a 2.0 or higher GPA.

Can I be a Guest Student at an Out-of-State College?

No, the Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application was the result of an agreement between Michigan colleges and universities. This application is not applicable at colleges outside of Michigan. If you wish to attend an out-of-state college, you must complete the regular admissions application and request that your official Ferris transcripts be mailed to that institution.

What steps do I take to become a Guest Student?

  1. Meet with your Ferris advisor or the appropriate College educational counselor to determine equivalent courses to be taken at the guest institution. Have your advisor/counselor provide this information to you in writing.
  2. Print and complete the Guest Application.
  3. Submit the Guest Application to the Student Services Center in the Timme building. Ferris Student Services staff will verify that you are in good academic standing and will then process the application by mailing it to the Guest Institution for you.
  4. Contact the Guest Institution to confirm your application was received and that you are registered for the correct classes. Also, determine payment options, class locations, and how to purchase books.

How do I receive transfer credit for courses taken as a Guest Student?

  1. Request your official transcript from the Guest Institution's Registrar's or Records Office at the completion of your semester.
  2. Have your transcripts mailed to:
    Office of Admissions and Records
    Ferris State University
    1201 S. State St, CSS-201
    Big Rapids, MI 49307
  3. Allow a minimum of two weeks for your transcript to be printed and mailed by the guest institution and received by Ferris. Once received, your transcripts will be evaluated for possible granting of transfer credit(s).
  4. Monitor your Ferris transcript at MYFSU to determine when transfer credit was granted. If you feel you have allowed enough time for the transcript to be processed, but it does not show on "My FSU," please contact the Admissions and Records office at (231) 591-2100 or toll-free 1-800-4-FERRIS.

What grade is needed to receive transfer credit from Ferris?

A solid "C" grade or higher is needed in each course to be awarded transfer credit from Ferris. Please realize that some majors at Ferris require higher grades to fulfill graduation requirements.