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Study Areas/Lounges

Study Areas and Lounges

Big Rapids Campus

Campus Building Map (Use this map to find buildings on campus)

  • Arts & Sciences Lobby (couch)
  • Automotive Center, Room 126 (study area, vending machines)
  • Business, Room 220 (tables, couches, vending machines, business magazines)
  • Bishop Hall, Room 203 (study area, vending machines, microwave, TV)
  • FLITE - Ferris Library for Information, Technology and Education (computers, tables, study areas, extended hours room, printing of documents, copier, fax machine)
  • Granger Center, 1st Floor Atrium (lounge/study area, also two study rooms available by reservation)
  • Granger Center, 2nd Floor Atrium (computer/work area, microwave, vending machines, tables)
  • Granger Center, 2nd Floor (three study rooms available, and at times, a classroom too)
  • Heavy Equipment Center 2nd Floor (kitchen area with table, microwave, coffee pot and refrigerator)
  • Heavy Equipment Center, Lower Level (study area)
  • Interdisciplinary Resource Center (IRC) Connector (Starbucks, white board, tables, couches, study rooms)
  • Michigan College of Optometry Center (MCO), 2nd Floor Atrium (lounge/study area, tables and chairs)
  • National Elastomer Center, Room 114 (15-station computer lab is open unless reserved for classes - schedule posted on the door)
  • National Elastomer Center, Room 207 (table and chairs, computer and printer - no paper; students must furnish their own paper)
  • University Center 1st Floor Rankin Lounge (Fireplace, TV, study area, couches, chairs, and tables w/ computer/phone hook-up)
  • University Center, Room 115 (computers, printer, couch, chairs, and tables w/ hookup)
  • University Center, Ground Level Commuter Lounge (TVs, pool table, lockers, microwave, chairs, tables, and couches)
  • University Center, 2nd Floor History Lounge (couches, tables, and chairs)
  • Science (Reitz Reading Room), 1st Floor - South Wing (study area with tables, padded chairs, science books, and computers)
  • Starr, 1st Floor (study area, vending machines and microwave)
  • Starr, 1st Floor (one small study room)
  • Starr, 2nd FLoor (one small study room)
  • Student Recreation Center Lobby (couches, vending machines)
  • Swan, Room 103 (tables and chairs, printer)
  • Swan, Room 409 (tables and chairs, computers, refrigerator, microwave, writing board, coffee pot)
  • Timme Center for Student Services (CSS), 1st Floor (couches, vending machines)
  • Victor F. Spathelf Building/Allied Health, Room 208 (wireless, vending machines, microwave, tables, copy machine)
  • Williams Auditorium Lobby, (couches)

Grand Rapids - Applied Technology Building (ATC)

  • Applied Technology Building (ATC), 2nd Floor - (tables, vending machines, couches)
  • Applied Technology Building (ATC), 2nd Floor Atrium - (study desk)